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Minimize the impact of power outages and loadshedding on your daily life so that you and your family remain safe and comfortable.

No Power, No Routines

Loadshedding and power outages disrupt daily life, making it difficult to work, study and carry out routine tasks. This can cause financial and emotional strain, especially for those who work from home. Expensive alternative power solutions amplify these challenges for families.


more affordable

As South Africans, we share the frustration caused by loadshedding and power outages, and recognize the high cost of backup power solutions. In response, our mission is to make these solutions more accessible and affordable, enabling families to continue their daily lives with greater safety and comfort.

Affordable energy solutions

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All prices include 15% VAT


*Solar panel shipping price on request

All prices include 15% VAT


*Solar panel shipping price on request

What our customers are saying

This product is really fantastic, easy to use, plug and play. Would recommend for anyone who is fed-up with loadshedding, keeps batteries charged and kicks in with no delay.

Life changing! Was easy to set up and works brilliantly. We can get through loadshedding much easier now, especially for work.

This is an amazing inverter. Powers my TV and my two monitors, plus my lamps during loadshedding. Definitely worth the money. I tried types before, but this one takes the cake.

Best investment for loadshedding. I have bought two for my house and they are great, no problems.

Don't let Loadshedding disrupt your daily life. Keep your household appliance and your work equipment powered. You can overcome financial and emotional strain with our affordable energy solutions.

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